Dance & Somatic Practices Conference 2015: Christian Kipp


We are always looking into ways of improving and growing our work. If you like what we do and would like to support the future of Sally’s work, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively to PayPal you can also donate by cheque. Please make cheques payable to Sally E. Dean Performing Arts, Inc. and post to: Sally Dean, 302 Old La Honda Rd., Woodside, CA. 94062, USA.

SEDPA is a private non-profit Corporation 501C(3).  Your gift is tax deductible to the limits of IRS Regulations. Please consult IRS Form 8283, required for all non-cash gifts valued at $5,000 or more. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Sally E. Dean Performing Arts, Inc. (SEDPA) was founded in 2006 by Artistic Director Sally Dean and a board of directors to act as an umbrella organisation for the national and international work created, researched, driven and developed by Sally. Since its establishment, SEDPA has managed to secure ongoing invaluable support and funding through the private and public sector through generous individuals and organisations. A full list of our supporters can be found below.

All funds received by SEDPA are invested into the development of national and international performing arts activities and productions driven by Sally, which aim to nurture new and diverse audiences and provide training opportunities for performing artists across the globe.

Thank you to the following individuals for supporting Sally’s work

John and Sue Dean, Janet Baumgartner, Catherine Ngo and Bob Hines, Fred Gibbons,Deanna (Dede) and Norm Chang, Amy Young, Silke Arnold, Lavanya Yolande, Iris Chan and Hollie Amano

A very special thank you to all the individual backers who supported the project ‘Something’s in the Living Room’ in 2015: 

Claire Osborne, Rana Standal, Sarita Louise Earnes, Marta Arroniz, Elena Azanon Garcia, Mark Quady, Michael Dean, Bee Peak, Jeanne Millet Petty, Jazar Creative Laboratory, Katya Bloom, LB Baldwin, Debbie and Steve Quady, Blenn Fujimoto, Aaron Gershenberg, Jerry McGuire, Thomas F McGuire, Lucia Lacunza, John Davidson, Simon Slidders, Richard Karlsson, Jack Gilbride, Timothy Dick, Rob McMillan, Glenn Simmons, Dennis L. McCurley, John Otterson, Stephen Jackson, Dana Kokubun, Denis Isono, Monica and Franck Chastagnol, Bette Hall, Startup Capital Ventures, Amy Young, Larry Rodriguez, Mona Vertin, Janet Baumgartner, Ann & Mike Faber, Renee and Mark Dean, Jack and Karen Stutz, Sally Quady and Dane Riley, Galen Hon, Sue Dean, Catherine Ngo and Robert Hines, Chris Lenox, Priya Bahri, John Dean, Hollie Amano, Marilee and Scott Quady, Sandra and Harold Matthews, Sherwood and Maurita Quady, Bob and Kath Heaney

A very special thank you to all the individual backers who supported the project ‘Unearthed’ in 2012:

Aaron Gershenberg / Alice Weigel / Amy Young / Anushka Pereira / Ash Charles / Bette & Tom Hall / Brian & Virginia Crowe / Calamity Jane / Catherine Ngo / Claus Hoffmann / Colin Karlsson / Dana Kokubun / Dan Kelleher / Joan Laage & David Thornbrugh / Dennis McCurley / Dr. Peter & Traudel Arnold / Gamini Wimalasuriya / Gigi Giannella / Gita & Fred Perera / Glen Blackmon / Julie Nathanielsz / Katya Bloom & Hugh Kelly / I-Ching Lao / Jack Gilbride / Janet Baumgartner / Jeanne Millet Petty / Jennifer & Rob Guerra / John Davidson / John & Sue Dean / John Otterson / Jonathan, Mark & Cheddar / Karen & Jack Stutz / Kerstin Arnold / L B Baldwin / Larry Rodriguez / Mahesh Markus / Maya Nanayakkara / Maurita & Sherwood Quady / Mlesna Tea / Michael Dean / Nagavalli / Pamela Willis / Ravi Muthukrishna /  Richard and Nancy Karlsson / Rob McMillan / Bob & Kathy Heaney / Saliya Wickramasuriya / Sally Quady & Dane Riley / Sandra and Harold Matthews / Sarah Quady / Senura / Shehal Joseph / Startup Capital Ventures / Stella Glockner / Stephen & Shelley Jackson / Steve & Debbie Quady / Therese Perera / Vajra Chandrasekera / Video Creations / Walpurka

Thank you to current/past public funding bodies for making Sally’s work possible

Arts Council England and British Council