Summer Dancing Festival 2018

Duets for Objects – company

A collaboration between Sally E Dean & visual artist/dancer Florence Peake, Duets for Objects was an inter-disciplinary and site-specific performance company (2006-2010).

Duets for Objects delves into the immediate intimacy of sites – where artists and the work in turn evolve with each new space they inhabit. As highly accomplished choreographers, teachers, and experimental artists, Dean and Peake draw from their rich individual artistic backgrounds and practices working directly with the environment/context/site; audience relationship; objects/materials and subjects/histories from the site itself. This collision of elements is handled poetically – creating poignant, intensely vibrant, visually strong and highly immersive work.

The beginnings of this project were funded by Chisenhale Dance Space Artist’s Research Grant (London, 2006). Performances have been held at a wide variety of architectural sites: Chichester University (Chichester, SVAPA Research Presentations, 2006), Robert Howard Theatre at The Place (London, 2008), Coventry Cathedral (Summer Dancing 2008), Elsewhere post-war junk Museum (North Carolina, USA, 2009), TAP Gallery (Essex, 2010), Christ Church Spitalfields in the Crypt (London, 2006, 2010) and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital (London, 2010).

A film version by Britt Hatzius was presented at Toynbee Studios (London, Outsider Dancing, 2007).