Video Still by Sergio M. Villar.

Here and There

Creative concept and direction by: Sally E. Dean

Costumes by: Sandra Arroniz Lacunza

This experiential walk and film invites the audience on an outdoor and indoor environmental journey wearing Tall Pointy Hats. The costume acts as a gateway into two worlds: ‘here’ and ‘there’.

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recent performance:

August 2014: 2nd IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education, ‘teach me (not)!’  at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2014, Austria.
This performance in Vienna included a 30-minute somatic movement and costume workshop and a discussion/talk at the end of the performance about the Somatic Movement & Costume Project.

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‘Here’ is a ‘live moment’ where the audience follows a guided walk in silence. The intention is to cultivate what Sandra Reeve calls, ‘the ecological lens’ where participants are experiencing their relationship to oneself, others, and the environment in a ‘state of flux.’  The aim, is that the perception of time, will live in the ‘present’ moment.

‘There’ is a ‘film moment’ where, after the walk, participants are invited into an enclosed, indoor space where they stand and watch a film with Tall Pointy Hats on. The intention is for participants to experience their relationship to oneself, others, and the environment, in response to something that is ‘fixed’- the film. At the same time, the film becomes a portal into experiencing ‘other living worlds’. The aim is that the perception of time will refer to ‘past’ and ‘future’. The film also acts as a bridge between ‘Here’ and ‘There’ in that it continues the walking journey, but through the lens of a camera, with other individuals wearing the Tall Pointy Hats on screen.

Here and There is part of Sally’s Somatic Movement and Costume Research.

Film credits

Directed by: Sally E. Dean

Idea & concept: by Sally E. Dean, Sandra Arroniz Lacunza and Carolina Rieckhof

Performers: Rachel Gildea, Kate Pyper, Carolina Rieckhof & Shantala Melody Sacco

Camera & Editing: Sergio M. Villar /

Sound desgin: Antonin Le Gargasson