Photo Credit:  Luna Pérez Visairas

Educational Tools

Educational Tools: SOMATIC COSTUMES

Somatic Costumes™ are education tools that bring awareness to different body areas as well as generate different movement qualities and experiences in the body-mind.  They serve as a playful resource for instigating new relationships between self, others and the environment.  They can be used by educators (facilitating movement, theatre, arts), therapists, performers, and anyone who wants to awaken their creative spirit.

We are delighted to offer one of our Somatic Costumes™ for purchase – ‘The Balloon Hat’.  This costume was created as part of the Somatic Movement & Costume Project – with costume designers Carolina Rieckhof and Sandra Arroniz Lacunza.  All proceeds from the sale of these costumes will be donated to Sally E. Dean Performing Arts Inc., a non-profit organization registered in the USA, and will be allocated to fund future Somatic Movement & Costume research and the creation of more Somatic Costumes™.  Other Somatic Costumes™ will be offered for purchase in the near future.  Stay tuned!

To learn more about the research behind the Somatic Costumes™, please visit our research page under ‘Somatic Movement & Costume‘ or click here.

Buy SOMATIC COSTUMES™ – The Balloon Hat

Price:  $46 for a Balloon Hat plus $6.50 shipping and handling fees

Currently, we are only able to ship within the USA and UK.  Custom fees for purchases are the responsibility of the buyer.  Sorry but we can not accept returns at this time.  All sales are final.

The Balloon Hat comes with an instruction sheet, a list of movement exercises to explore while wearing the hats, and includes 15 balloons.  We also recommend purchasing a package of green or brown lentils – to use for adding sound to the costume – specified in the instruction sheet.

These hats currently come in one size in the following material pattern below, and are subject to availability.