You’re Not Supposed to Be Here

Concept by: Sally E Dean

Directed by: Sally E Dean & Amy Ragsdale

Performers: Andre Bouchard, Sally E Dean, Mandy Gulla, Appalachia Martine, Tina Pilonetti, AE Ragsdale, Tamara the Trapeze Lady, Helen Thorsen and Yvonne York

A dance theatre piece that combines text, movement, and music to create a surreal dark-comedy traversing a waitress’ psyche.  As the waitress fights to maintain a physical and mental balance in her waking restaurant world of obligations and duties, her escapist fantasies slip further into fulfilling her dark-twisted desires that begin to run rampant and perhaps out of her control.

Past venues: Consolidated Works / Mae West Fest / Seattle, USA / July 2003 & On The Boards / 12 Minutes Max / Seattle, USA / May 2003