Photo Credit: Helen Newall


Somatic Movement, Costume and Performance Research

How does what we wear affect
how we move and perceive
and what we create and perform?

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BETWIXT is an international interdisciplinary collaborative duo consisting of visual artist/costume designer Charlotte Østergaard (DK) and somatic dance/theatre artist Sally E. Dean (USA/UK).  Together they aim to create a total work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) where the costume and choreographic material co-create both the movement and the costume itself. How does the material of the costume move/shape the body and how does the body move/shape the costume

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The Kolaborasi Project Research

“Kolaborasi” means “collaboration” in the Indonesian language. How do the principles and stylistic elements from more than one cultural and technical background meet? In this process, what questions emerge about performance training and making? How does our cultural background affect our perceptions of performance itself?

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