Photo Credit: Sandra Arroniz Lacunza

skinner releasing technique

Skinner Releasing Technique™ is a pioneering approach to dance, movement and creative process that has evolved from the simple principle that when we are releasing physical tension, we can move with greater freedom, power and articulation. In SRT classes, spontaneous movement evoked by guided poetic imagery, supported by music and sound, enables a creative and easily accessible exploration of technical movement principles such as multi-directional alignment, suppleness, suspension, economy and autonomy. SRT was developed, from the 1960s onward, by Joan Skinner, who had danced with the Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham companies before embarking on her own exploration of movement as a somatic process. Since then, it has become a significant influence on dance training and creative practice, as well as on leading choreographers and dance-makers across the world.

Sally is fully certified in Skinner Releasing Technique on both the Introductory (2004) and Ongoing (2011) Level. She first began training in SRT in 1997 at Bennington College (USA), with Lionel Popkin. Sally then deepened her SRT practice through the Skinner Releasing Summer Intensives in Seattle with Joan Skinner, Stephanie Skura, Sally Metcalf, Bob Davidson and Theresa Moriarty in 1998 and from 2000-2004 as well as through workshops with Stephanie Skura whilst living in Seattle from 2000-2003.

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