performance making

for Spring/Summer 2016:  GENERATE & DEVELOP 1 / DEVELOP 2 & EDIT

Facilitated by Sally E Dean

— 3 Sunday afternoons:  TBA
– 1 Friday evening Performance Event:  TBA
– 3 Individual artistic mentoring sessions


is a workshop-series that addresses the key stages in creating performance work: GENERATE, DEVELOP 1 & 2 and EDIT/REFINE.  The series will be offered in two parts:  GENERATE & DEVELOP 1, focusing on the first half of the performance making process, and DEVELOP 2 & EDIT/REFINE, focusing on the second half of the performance making process.


PERFORMANCE MAKING WORKSHOPS are interdisciplinary and aim to support emerging and established performance artists alike to generate strong, clear material, which embodies and develops participants’ own personal ideas, vision and aesthetic.  Whether you are new to performance making or looking to refresh and challenge your existing practice, Performance Making Workshops provide a safe and supportive environment for creative risk-taking and experimentation with structured weekly practices.  Performance makers of all backgrounds are welcome:  movement artists, choreographers, theatre makers, live artists, performance writers..


These workshops are intensive and kept small to allow for individual attention and support. Weekly mentoring sessions will be given for each artist by Sally (3 sessions/ 45 minutes each) as well as by artist participants (3 sessions/ 45 minutes each).  This cultivates a group environment, where participants support each other’s work as part of the process.  Weekly practices and ‘themes’ to focus on each week will be provided.  All participants who attend these workshops must commit to their own individual practice – creating performance material 4 hours a week minimum.  Constructive feedback will be available throughout, both one-to-one from facilitator Sally E Dean, and from fellow participants, facilitated using established methodologies such as ‘The Field’ and ‘Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process’.

The workshops culminate in a performance event for invited audience.  7 Participants Max.



COST:  £230/ £215 Conc.  Non-refundable £55 deposit to book your place.


provides a set of practical tools for generating original material and/or turning existing ideas participants may bring with you into performance material. It begins by cultivating a sense of play, freedom and spontaneity, and then looks at a variety of starting points for creating material, such as objects, images, texts, movement and costumes. An important aspect is how to create and actualise ideas with others, taking on the roles of collaborator and director.


provides a set of practical tools for building on previously generated material. It helps participants identify the key focus of their material (e.g. theme, question, concept) and offers ways to structure the material around this focus in either linear or non-linear ways. It also supports participants to refine the details of their piece. The overarching approach is to help participants find a dialogue between their subjective experiences and interests in the material, and an objective view of how it is likely to be perceived by an audience.


focuses on developing material into a completed performance work through techniques that trim and fine-tune detail to bring out the work’s essence. This third and final part of the workshop series will culminate in the presentation of work to an invited audience.

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Photo credit: Sandra Arroniz Lacunza / Performers: Amaara Raheem & Salsa Embarek